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Who we are

In the beginning

The co-operative O.D.S. was created in 1983 at Turin (Italy), with the primary aim of forming an organic structure capable of working in the "entertainment" business, specifically in the fields of dubbing and actor training.

Over time

Throughout the years O.D.S. has worked with some of the most important companies in the world of dubbing and post-production for films, tele-films, cartoons, documentaries, soaps, adverts, and industrial videos for RAI, MEDIASET, TELEMONTECARLO, TELEPIÙ, LA 7, SKY and MTV.

Following the entrance of new members, but without losing its original aims, ODS has widened its operative range, to include radio and theatre, cinema and television, advertising and communication, not only as far as production is concerned, but also professional training.


Service details:

  1. Direct management by the co-operative of all the working phases involved in dubbing (text adaptation, dubbing direction, actors employment and casting for actors and speakers, project realisation, post-production and publishing);
  2. Actor availability for each single member, for all types of professional voice work;
  3. Creation of training courses; a fundamental base for all actor-dubbers who need to know the basic techniques, including diction, use of the voice, and interpretative reading.

ODS can also offer an Accountancy service, helping to tackle all the necessary fiscal aspects of a production, including logistics and wages; convenient for the actors offering their services, and the companies employing them too.

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