Our courses

ODS since 1983 has become a training reference point for those who would like to explore and better their expressive talents.


ODS takes care of the Training and didactic structure and offers its members over a yearly period, a wide range of interesting initiatives. Such as free seminars, some of which have been created with the collaboration of local groups and authorities, and prestigious international organisations such as the Turin Book Fair.

The lecturers are all affirmed professionals (actors, directors, lecturers in communication techniques, presenters, dubbers, radio and television speakers) with many years of experience in the training field.

The Strengths of our School:

  • The members of our co-op, who work on a daily basis in the show business world, are able to share their experiences and what it really means to work as a professional voice-over artist, as well as teaching them the techniques and exercises that are needed to reach the required objectives.
  • Our courses are always supervised by one single teacher who acts as a constant reference point, and is wholly responsible for the course. Other professionals work alongside the main lecturer offering complementary teaching, enriching the syllabus even further. This form of teaching offers each pupil the possibility of discovering and analysing their training with a wider vision, and helps them learn different approaches linked to the personality and material proposed by each actor/teacher.
  • ODS’s courses also include the production of shows and reviews, so that pupils can verify their progress. These small shows play a fundamental role in our “step by step” approach, and offer new stimuli.
  • Once training is complete, ODS offers all its pupils the chance of working on professional productions. This is an important step and a great opportunity to put their training into practice, and helps them to start creating their own working curriculum, vital for finding work outside of our structure.

ODS’s teachers are all professionals, with years of teaching experience under their belts. They know that discipline and perseverance, support and encouragement, are the keys to helping pupils cross those hurdles which at times seem impossible to cross. Even when it appears that there have been no evident improvements, our teachers know that great changes can take place when pupils try just that bit harder to go beyond their own personal boundaries.

We often see pupils who on their first day have great difficulties in communicating, yet during our productions they begin to talk confidently in public, and show a capacity to transmit a wide gamut of emotions. When this happens we feel an enormous sense of satisfaction, because we know that our dedication, determination, and hard work, have not been wasted.

It’s not just a slogan, it’s the truth: OUR STRENGTH IS OUR PASSION!