Areas of activity


TV, cinema dubbing and voice-work

ODS, according to the clients needs, organises dubbing, post-production and publishing for films, tele-films, cartoons and documentaries throughout every working phase (translation and dialogue adaptation, dubbing direction, casting, lip-sync dubbing or voice over, soundtracks, effects, mixing, video post-production and masterisation) right up to the completion of the final product.

ODS’s members are dubbing directors and dubbing artists of numerous tele-films, sitcoms, and cartoon series presently on-air on national television channels. Of course ODS calls upon the professionalism of colleagues from Milan and Rome, when the need arises.

For more information see Our dubbing projects.

Dubbing in foreign languages

ODS is specialised in translation, adaptation, dubbing and voice-overs for various languages: British English, American English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Greek, Dutch, Flemish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Arab.

Among some of the productions we have dealt with:

  • L'ISOLA DEGLI SMEMORATI (Lucanor's Island) - (Cartoon - Mondo Tv for UNICEF) - 2007
    Versions: French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, English.

ODS has offered its voice-over service in many languages for national companies, for a series of productions for important brands.


As well as a vast range of speakers and actors, ODS can provide specialised professionals on client request, even within the advertising and corporate video field. A wide range of services is available, from just a single intervention, to product completion: subject, script, story-board, voice and video casting, direction, voice-over, multi-lingual lip-sync, original soundtrack, effects, and video/audio post-production. See our portfolio.


The Co-op ODS thanks to the experience acquired by its members, is a structure capable of providing services for theatre productions, cinema productions, radio and television productions, as well as offering direction, subject treatment, story-board facilities, script writing, set building, management, casting, location facilities, costumes, photography, audio/cinema/video equipment, and soundtracks.

We have produced numerous theatre productions for adults and children, and theatrical performances for local authorities and municipalities.

For more information see Events section.

Over the last years, many of the pupils from our Training School have participated in our productions.


A wide range of specialised courses are available, held by professionals within the sector, mostly internal members, but also well-respected and renown external lecturers.


The Co-operative ODS can organise "ad hoc" events especially for you: Cartoons, catering, private viewings, performances, entertainment, simultaneous translators, and participant support with the teaching of public speaking techniques.