Our dubbings

TV, cinema dubbing and voice-work

Our dubbings projects

ODS, according to the clients needs, organises dubbing, post-production and publishing for films, tele-films, cartoons and documentaries throughout every working phase (translation and dialogue adaptation, dubbing direction, casting, lip-sync dubbing or voice over, soundtracks, effects, mixing, video post-production and masterisation) right up to the completion of the final product.

ODSís members are dubbing directors and dubbing artists of numerous tele-films, sitcoms, and cartoon series presently on-air on national television channels. Of course ODS calls upon the professionalism of colleagues from Milan and Rome, when the need arises.

Dubbing in foreign languages

ODS is specialised in translation, adaptation, dubbing and voice-overs for various languages: British English, American English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Greek, Dutch, Flemish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Arab.