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The ODS Cultural Theatre Association was created in 2003, drawing from the experience and capabilities of ODS members, who had been active since 1983 within the dubbing and entertainment field.

The Association, in agreement with the Co-operative, deals with theatre productions, video productions and professional training.

ODS Theatre, in collaboration with other local associations, produces theatre shows and events, using our various human resources, and offers our pupils the chance of gaining valuable work experience.

Over the years ODS has produced a wide range of theatre shows and video.

ODS’s theatrical experience has acquired various strong points over the years:

  • The capacity to create and organise innovative shows, adapted to even the most unusual theatre spaces such as open squares, gardens, and public spaces in general (www.storiedipiazza.it);
  • The capacity to create, organise and make video productions, interviews, short-movies, feature films and tv spot;
  • The availability of experienced actors who work alongside up and coming young talent from our theatre school;
  • The use of the voice as a focus of a theatrical proposal, with special attention given to vocal expression in public, correct diction, and expressive reading of literary works;
  • The ability to cater for a varied public, using language suitable for children or adults depending on the occasion;
  • Particular attention given to environmental and cultural themes, whilst maintaining a production quality.

ODS Theatre is a living and vibrant association, always on the move, and keen to experiment and play with our resources to meet the challenges that today’s theatre faces.