Lectron & ViBook: the virtual book is born

Lectron ViBook

No, we're not simply talking about a traditional e-book, but a rather innovative transportable system that helps the user to study and communicate with incredible ease. Lectron and ViBook are two of the main components of the system known as VT Portable Platform, presented for the first time in Milan during the 2003 exhibition of European Patents, and produced by SuperSonica, a company which has been working in the virtual communication and training fields for many years.

ViBook is a graphic format that allows the user to view the contents as if they were looking at a book, opening in salient points, a series of virtual experience "windows" which cover experimentation and further information on all types of material.

Lectron is the hardware manager of ViBook which collects, updates, and organises. It looks like a normal USB pen drive, but in reality the shape is the only common denominator, for obvious reasons of portability. Unlike normal removable memory units, Lectron has an owner application and customised chip inside, which means it works instantly on any PC, without needing any installation or configuration processes. All you need to do is insert the unit in the USB plug to start working on the material required, the applications and material used are then automatically removed together with Lectron when you unplug the unit, leaving the memory of the host PC unaltered.

Lectron ViBook

Within the VT Portable Platform, Lectron can function locally or in remote, adapting to the diverse needs of companies, schools and professionals of all kinds. VT Portable Platform is a high powered technological product, flexible and user friendly for all human knowledge fields, demonstrated by the fact that many companies working in non-technological sectors are interested in its use. Among them are the ODS Co-operative (a dubbing and entertainment enterprise) that for many years has been working in the dubbing sector, and in the field of actor training for the world of show business.

"We needed a system that allowed us to efficiently communicate our professional preparation" - said the president, Lucia Valenti - "and we wanted something that went beyond the usual printed book, in particular for diction, which is a hard nut to break in this sector. ViBook has allowed us to raise the level of pupil involvement in this very challenging training phase, increasing their memory and learning capabilities. Furthermore the management capacity of Lectron has permitted us to distribute material progressively, flexibly, and more economically than would have been possible with a simple book or CD-ROM, especially for the updates which we can program in any given moment without the cost of reprints and the waste of obsolete material". During the presentation of the academic year 2007-2008, ODS announced that it will distribute Lectron and ViBook to all of its students as a special support included in the Diction and Dubbing courses.

Implementation: LECTRON WITH ITS VIRTUAL BOOKS of orthoepy is given free of charge to all students studying diction.